How Cozy Cardio Can Improve Your Relationship with Joyful Movement

October 20, 2023

I work with a lot of former athletes. From collegiate athletes to endurance athletes and everything in between. Even though I “retired” from my sport over 10 years ago, it has taken me years to approach movement in an enjoyable way.

What demotivates us from joyful movement?

Several factors can demotivate us from joyful movement. Here are some key reasons why we may become demotivated from joyful movement:

Negative Past Experiences

Injuries, discomfort, or humiliation, can create a strong aversion to movement. These memories can make it challenging to re-engage in joyful movement. Many of my clients who live in larger bodies have expressed fear going to gyms because they fear other gymgoers may film them and post it online. Which leads me to, if you are someone who posts larger people working out on the internet to humiliate them, you are a horrible human!!!

Overexertion & Perceived Lack of Progress

Pushing yourself too hard, too fast, or setting unrealistic goals can lead to both physical and emotional burnout. Overexertion can make movement feel like a chore rather than a joyful. If individuals do not see noticeable improvements, they may become discouraged.

Negative Self-Image

Many can feel pressured by society, social media, or peers regarding body image. Self-image or a constant focus on your perceived flaws can lead to a lack of motivation. Negative self-talk and self-criticism can make you less likely to engage in joyful movement.

Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic goals or expectations can lead to frustration and demotivation. It’s important to set achievable and progressive goals. When movement driven solely by external influences and not about your personal enjoyment it leads to burnout.

Environmental Barriers

Environmental factors, such as a lack of access to safe and accessible places to move, can demotivate individuals. Limited access to resources, facilities, or a lack of suitable equipment can all be barriers.

What was is cozy cardio?

Cozy cardio is simple.

Elevate your heart rate while priortizing your comfort.

Step 1: Get Cozy

While the details will vary from person to person, it often involves setting a cozy atmosphere in your living room by dimming the lights, queuing up your favorite TV show (or catching on LIB Season 5), and slipping into your soft clothes.

Step 2: Choose Your Cardio

This could mean wheeling out your walking pad, hopping on your indoor bike, engaging in a calming yoga session, or any form of movement that feels good at this moment.

Cozy cardio challenges the wellness belief that cardio must be intense to be count. All movement is good movement. Cozy cardio is an approach to movement without added stress, pressure, or viewing cardio as punishment.

How Cozy Cardio Can Improve Your Relationship with Joyful Movement

Cozy Cardio can improve your relationship with joyful movement because it centers around engaging in movement that brings pleasure, happiness, as well as a sense of well-being. When you genuinely love and look forward to doing Cozy Cardio it brings happiness and satisfaction, which improves both your mental and physical well-being.

Cozy Cardio encourages you to move because you love your body and want to care for it, not because you’re dissatisfied with it. It encourages you to listen to your body’s cues. If you need rest, you rest. If you want to push yourself, you do so with enthusiasm, not obligation. Movement should be a source of pleasure rather than a chore or an obligation.

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