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Listen, there's nothing wrong with you! Your thoughts don't have to revolve around food and your weight. Let's free up mental space so you can focus on showing up in the world the way you deserve.

but what if you could think about other things?

On the surface, your day is packed with non-stop wins. Your career and your social circle are the vibe. Behind the scenes, you can't seem to deal with the pressures of it all. After Door Dashing yet another time this week you ask yourself,  "why am I like this and how can I get control back?"

so, you think about food and your weight likeeee all the time...

Food should nourish your body and your soul

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initial session | 75 minutes | $205
Follow-up sessions | 60 minutes | $155

Food and nutrition have the potential to enhance your overall well-being. However, when your focus on food and body becomes excessive, it can begin to  work against your health rather than for it. Binge eating and disordered eating do not discriminate. As we work together, we'll collaborate with your care team to provide support for both your mental and physical health. 

Binge Eating Recovery & Disordered Eating 

Nutrition counseling 


Book Your Session

initial session | 75 minutes | $205
Follow-up sessions | 60 minutes | $155

Whether your goal is to manage a chronic health condition or simply to adopt habits that enhance your overall well-being, we'll work together to look at the bigger picture and focus on building momentum starting with small wins. I know there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Our focus will be on incorporating positive elements into your life rather than eliminating things. so that you can feel nourished and thrive.

Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and General Wellness

Nutrition counseling


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I know, I know, paperwork, ughhhhh. All I ask is that you do your best to have all of the intake forms filled out for our first session. These forms help guide our sessions. If you become overwhelmed, have trouble, or don’t feel comfortable answering any of the questions, leave it blank! If there is additional info you’d like to include, please feel free to do so.

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Since every health insurance company has its own song and dance, let me handle the dancing for you. I offer a concierge service through Redbud Billing, LLC to verify your medical nutrition therapy benefits. I'll always let you know your coverage before our initial session.

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Come as you are, also maybeee bring a pen and paper! I'm so glad you’ve decided to work with me and I'm happy to be working with you. While I might not be able to answer all the nitty-gritty questions quite yet, you can expect me to be supportive and non-judgmental.

Unclench Your Jaw
& Take A Deep Breath 

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Your lived experience is valued here. Culture and life stressors can add complexity to the way you feed yourself. My approach honors your humanity first while focusing on practical solutions to guide you to every step of the way.

nutrition care that values compassion, evidence,
culture, and lived experience

Wanna approach grocery shopping in a new, joyful way!  Grocery shopping can be a way to embrace curiosity of finding nourishing and delicious foods. Who says you can't add some  joy into the process? Get your free guide.

Navigating the Grocery Store with Joy

The Ultimate guide to

more than just your routine trip to the store

I'm Krystal Dunham. Best believe, I am not your typical dietitian. I use gentle nutrition to incorporate practical approaches to intuitive eating. Learn more about me.

Do you wake up Monday morning with a big smile on your face because your client told you they didn't feel bad for enjoying some Oreos over the weekend? (Noooo? Just me?)  

I specialize in diabetes, disordered eating, and eating disorders.

Best believe, I am not your typical dietitian. I use gentle nutrition to incorporate practical approaches to intuitive eating. Learn more about me.

I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Krystal Dunham

hey, how's it going?

Intuitive Eating (IE) is an approach that liberates you from the cycle of chronic dieting. It guides you on a  journey to find harmony with food— all types of food. The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating center on rediscovering and trusting your body's cues, not only with food but also in relation to movement. IE emphasizes making choices free from guilt, shame, or judgment.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Disordered eating and eating disorders have certain similarities, yet it is important to acknowledge that they are two different things . While an eating disorder is a clinical diagnosis, disordered eating pertains to irregular eating patterns that do not meet the criteria for diagnosing an eating disorder. It is possible for individuals with an eating disorder to display disordered eating behaviors, but not everyone experiencing disordered eating will necessarily be diagnosed with an eating disorder.

what's the difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating?

Please note that this practice does not primarily focus on weight loss.

Intuitive eating varies on the individual, as it is tailored to your unique needs. It acknowledges that you have distinct requirements when it comes to nourishing your body. As a result, intuitive eating may lead to weight gain, weight loss, or weight maintenance. The primary aim of adopting an intuitive eating approach is to shift the focus away from weight and instead prioritize health-promoting behaviors, fostering a healthier and more mindful relationship with food.

Will I lose weight while working with you?

This approach is based on the belief that you should have the autonomy to attain a state of well-being regardless of your weight.

What does weight-inclusive mean?

This practice operates entirely virtually. Sessions are conducted through a secure and HIPAA-compliant service known as Practice Better. Utilizing this platform, all client scheduling, communication, and payment processes are efficiently managed.

How do virtual appointments work?

Yes. I am in-network with some insurances. A superbill can be provided for possible reimbursement with your insurance company. A superbill is essentially a receipt detailing the reason for our session and the amount paid. Please note: A superbill does not guarantee reimbursement.

Do you take insurance?

Absolutely! Whether you have insurance coverage, are uninsured, or have limited insurance, you have the option to self-pay for appointments. Ensuring accessibility to nutrition care is of utmost importance to me, irrespective of your insurance or financial circumstances. Everyone deserves access to the support they need for their well-being.

Can I meet with you without using insurance?

In the majority of cases, a referral is not necessary. However, certain health plans may require a referral from a medical provider before meeting with a registered dietitian.

To offer you a seamless experience, I provide a concierge service through Redbud Billing, LLC, and I will inform you in advance if a referral is required prior to your initial appointment. This way, we can ensure everything is in order for your visit.

Do I need a referral to meet with you?

Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled anytime, provided it is 24 hours or more prior to your scheduled session.

What is your cancellation policy?

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