nutrition care for you

I’m Krystal Dunham

If you made it here, you’re probably looking for support with binge eating disorder, disordered eating, or body image.

You are so welcome here.

I help adults on their journey to reclaim your joy around food.

I’ve been exactly where you are…

I battled with disordered eating and hopelessly hopped from one fad diet to the next. From SlimFast to diet pills to skinny wraps to Weight Watchers. I was an expert dieter, but knew nothing about nourishing myself. 

I’m an award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist, binge eating expert, and I help of adults from all walks of life reclaim joy in eating with sustainable nutrition and behavior changes through my nutrition counseling and program.

I practice through a weight-inclusive, intuitive eating lens. I believe that everyone has the right to bodily autonomy and I’m dedicated to providing compassionate care to all individuals.

“We decided to work with Krystal for her uniquely realistic approach to nutrition and health. She aligns with our values in non-drastic sweeping changes to our food. I recommend corporations as well as individual folks working with Krystal. She is fantastic!”

Natalie M.

Found Health, Inc.