Krystal Dunham, MS, RDN, LD is an award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist and the owner of The Mother Road Dietitian based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a philosophy rooted in compassion, evidence-based practices, and cultural humility, Krystal believes in the power of lived experiences in providing nutrition care.

Her focus is supporting BiPOC communities, where she addresses the harmful effects of diet culture that often go unnoticed. She provides a space for individuals explore their unique needs, break free from dieting, and embrace a gentle approach to nutrition that fosters health and body image recovery. Her expertise makes her a trusted source in nutrition and disordered eating. Krystal actively contributes to national and local media publications and is excitedly working on self-publishing her first cookbook.

Meet Krystal & The Mother Road Dietitian

As a former collegiate athlete, my journey has been filled with ups and downs, especially when it comes to binge eating. Despite considering myself a positive person, I've always struggled with binge eating and body image. It was hard to find the balance between both nourishing and loving my body.

It was around 9th grade that I began binge eating as a coping mechanism. At that time, I didn't recognize it as a problem. I would hide food and any evidence of bingeing on food under my bed and in my dresser. 

This pattern continued throughout college and into my early twenties. On multiple occasions, I would buy a dozen cookies from the bakery only to find myself devouring most of the box before leaving the parking lot. I knew deep down that I needed support outside of myself, but I didn't know where to turn to. 

As I started studying nutrition, I began to recognize these behaviors as disordered eating and binge eating, although I never sought a formal diagnosis I ended up kindaaaa DIYing my recovery. 

Through my practice, my goal is to offer nutrition care and support to individuals that I didn't have so that you don't have to DIY your recovery. You don't need a formal diagnosis to start on the journey towards your recovery and healing. 

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Features and Interviews

Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Science with Honors, University Of Central Oklahoma

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Associate of Applied Science in Dietetic Technician, Tarrant County College

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN)

Licensed Dietitian in Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas

Member, Dietitians in Business and Communications Practice Group

Member, Association for Size Diversity and Health

Education and Credentials

2022 Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year, Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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