Client Testimonials

November 13, 2023


“Krystal conducted a presentation for one of my church’s Wellness Wednesdays. During the presentation, she debunked many of the nutritional myths I grew up with. After seeing Krystal in action and seeing how knowledgeable and personable she was, I decided to make an appointment to discuss my eating habits.

After explaining to Krystal the history of cancer in my family, she provided a list of cancer-prevention foods that I could incorporate into weekly meal planning. She explained the accurate way to read food labels (Nutrition Facts) on food containers. She also educated me on the amount of sodium and fiber consumption that is healthy for my body. Additionally, she enlightened me on how alcohol consumption contributes to cancer development within our bodies and doesn’t have any nutritional value.

As a result of my consultations with her, I have changed how I prepare meals for my family. I pay close attention to the food labels when I purchase food and have significantly reduced my alcohol consumption. Overall, I feel physically better, and my mind is at ease that I am doing everything possible to maintain my health.”


“I reached out to The Mother Road Dietitian, because I was ready for a change and wanted to regain a healthy relationship with food again. Krystal helped me navigate my nutrition and help curve my binge eating habits with food journals, talking through situations, and providing me with some yummy recipes to try! It was really interesting to learn how much our emotions are connected with eating. Krystal provided me with a template to help track my food and emotions. It really helped me stop “Emotional/binge” eating. Thank you!”


“We decided to work with Krystal for her uniquely realistic approach to nutrition and health. She aligns with our values in non-drastic sweeping changes to our food. Krystal helped our members make nutritious tweaks to their holiday plates to support their overall health, without feeling like they had to miss out on their favorite foods! I recommend corporations as well as individual folks working with Krystal. She is fantastic!”

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