Thank you for Dumping Me.

Originally posted on March 7, 2016 on my blog at MovingWrightAlong. Edited March 10, 2021.

Thank you for dumping me.

Because when it comes down to it, I wasn’t brave enough to dump you.

We were great together. We had fun. We traveled. We loved. We started to dream and plan our future together.

In the end, you decided we were better going our separate directions. And you know what?

Thank you.

I mean that in the most genuine way.

It wasn’t fair of me to expect more than you could give.

I have baggage. It’s buried so deep and instead of leaning on you as my partner in crime, friend, and lover, I expected you to fix the hurt you didn’t cause and couldn’t fix. That you shouldn’t fix.

It wasn’t fair to you. 

I gave up things that made me happy and expected you to do the same. I expected each of us to sacrifice everything. Instead of uniting together, the suffocation tore us apart. Slowly. And I was the last to realize it. Our dreams dissolved and faded into distant memories.

I clutched on while everything around me was crashing down. Instead of being the one by your side or leading the way. I was the one behind you pushing. Forcing things in a time and place that neither of us was ready for at the time.

Not together, at least.

Life has changed for us both. A life not meant for us to be together.

There is no closure, just moving on. And you know what? That’s okay. As long as I’ve grown and changed, I can put pieces together again.

For the times we had together, I will cherish forever.